Cyber - EPLI - Business Office Package, General Liability Insurance

Protect Your Busin Small Office Insurance in Albuquerque ess and Your Employees

​​​​​Cyber Coverage


Protect Your Business From the Ever Growing Threat of: 

  • Crypto-locking computer software, Lost data or data held for ransom. 
  • Dishonest employees 
  • Hacking - lost personnel data, customer data and health records
  • Fines and penalties. 
  • Lost work time and revenue due to down computers or networks. 
  • Identity theft or malicious software breakdowns. 
  • Protect your data and the data of your clients  
  • Third party entities

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance, (EPLI):


Protect your workplace from: ​

  • Sexual harassment issues. 
  • Wrongful termination. 
  • Workplace discrimination. 
  • Law firms, employee law suits for not gaining partner status. 

Business Office Packages, (BOP), General Liability


Protect your business, premises and belongings from the unexpected. 

  • Slip and fall law suits, General liability. 
  • ​Theft or burglary  
  • Company and personal belongings lost due to fire or collapse. 
  • Company auto liability coverage. 
  • Lost revenue due to a fire or other event that causes building destruction. 
  • Medical Coverage for injured customers and clients. 

Healthcare: Debbie Righter is our partner

Debbie  Righter of Righter Insurance LLC  for healthcare of groups of any size and individual plans,

Debbie will also set you up with Disability Insurance, Vision, Dental and Long Term Care. 

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